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What's In A Signature

What's In A Signature


Just send an email, tweet a comment, or post on Instagram…that’s the way we communicate. But can using social media replace the hand-written thank you?   An understated part of the grieving process for families is the importance of the written word.  Receiving a hand-written condolence warms the heart.  Hand writing a note of heartfelt thanks to those that console, offer a helping hand, or send flowers aids families in their grieving journey.

Here are 4 reasons to hand write a thank you note.

1. HEALING - Researchers have proof that writing thank you notes can be therapeutic.  A study by two University of Chicago business professors, published last year in Psychological Science, found that people routinely underestimate the positive impact of expressing gratitude. “Taking that little bit of time to let someone know they are appreciated pays off handsomely for the sender of a thank you note” says Susan Kelley director of a non-profit organization

2. CONNECTION – According to Jenna Bush Hager, her Grandfather, late former U. S. president, George H. Bush, was well known for his personal hand written notes and are credited for building bridges around the world.  

3. A GESTURE IS A GESTURE IN RETURN – Offering a hug with a consoling memory, sending flowers or a memorial contribution deserves a personal note of recognition.  A hand-written thank you shows that the gesture did not go unnoticed.

4. WHO DOESN’T LIKE TO GET MAIL? – We like to be acknowledged.  Like a Christmas or Birthday card, receiving a thank you card in the mail after participating in the loss of a loved one validates our feeling and efforts.

In a time where technology rules, security concerns abound and “a lack of time” mentality offends, a personal thank you note is safe, secure and sincere!


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