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Two Great Print Solutions for Your Funeral Home

Two Great Print Solutions for Your Funeral Home

Two Great Print Solutions for Your Funeral Home

If a picture paints a thousand words, funeral stationery can paint a lifetime.

Having the tools accessible to create meaningful photo-driven themed stationery products such as prayer cards, service folders, register books, and thank you cards is increasingly important for funeral professionals.  Print technology gives funeral homes the ability to help accommodate more and more personalized requests. Customizing themed funeral stationery enhances a loved one’s story that helps create that “forever moment”. Hilton is excited to share with you two great solutions to do just that.


Hilton Funeral Supply – Shared Memories

Shared Memories is a templated program offered by Hilton Funeral Supply that runs on Microsoft’s Word platform. It provides funeral homes with a more simplified and basic approach that results in over 100 high-end personalized themed designs.  The templated program was developed with an easy-to-use customer experience in mind.  The Shared Memories program first offered just prayer cards, register books, service folders and acknowledgement cards.  Soon to follow, bookmarks, bulletins and tri-folds were added increasing its offerings.  Finally, Hilton Funeral Supply developed its own line of personalized themed keepsake candles to complete a full line of products that can be printed in-house by every funeral home.

Front Runner Professional

Front Runner Professional brings an in-depth approach to funeral print solutions. Front Runner is a system that brings everything you need into one place. With Front Runner, you only need to enter data one time and it auto-populates throughout the entire system. Front Runner operates as an all-in-one system for arrangement and marketing services, along with personalized themed stationery, payment, and social media management. Front Runner specializes in building websites for funeral homes as well. Their goal is to maximize your profitability in every way. Whether it’s funeral stationery, websites or marketing services, Front Runner is there to have your back.

You print, you’re in control

Here are some great benefits to being in control of your funeral stationery printing.

  • Better inventory and storage control.
  • Less expedited shipping costs.
  • Less supply chain issues.
  • More flexibility with print mistakes.
  • Printing what you need and not more than necessary.
  • No out sourcing to expensive designers.
  • More profit for your bottom line.
  • Happy families!

Today’s funeral service has rapidly changed during the circumstances of Covid. Families can now livestream their service to relatives and friends far and wide. Personalizing stationery is a great gift for those who are unable to make the service during a time where gatherings are limited. Whether it’s a prayer card, bookmark, service folder, or keepsake candle, everyone should have a chance to remember their family and friends in the comfort of their own homes. It’s the traditions such as lighting a keepsake candle on the anniversary of a loved one that keeps them in our hearts and helps us grieve our loss. For more information on these great solutions, please give us call or visit our website, we are always happy to help!

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