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Hilton Funeral Supply Introduces Innovative LED Red Neck Lightbulb

Hilton Funeral Supply Introduces Innovative LED Red Neck Lightbulb

Hilton Funeral Supply, a leading provider of funeral service essentials, is proud to announce the latest addition to their product line: the LED Red Neck Lightbulb. Designed to provide cosmetic lighting for the deceased, these lightbulbs offer natural and flattering illumination, ensuring a dignified farewell.

Also available in LED Pink Neck or classic all-white, these LED cosmetic lightbulbs bring a new, modern level of lighting to your funeral service. Crafted to frame caskets on either side, these lightbulbs accentuate the natural features of the deceased, honoring their memory with grace and reverence.

Hilton Funeral Supply understands the importance of creating a comforting environment for families and loved ones during their time of grief. By using the LED Red Neck and LED Pink Neck Lightbulbs, you will be ensuring your families see their loved ones as they remember them. These lightbulbs not only enhance cosmetic lighting but also add a touch of warmth to any funeral service.

Key features of the LED cosmetic lightbulbs include:

  • 3-way LED functionality with a mogul base for versatile lighting options
  • Available in 10/22/34 Watt, equivalent to 100/200/300 incandescent 3-way bulbs
  • 20 times longer life than incandescent equivalent
  • Designed to replicate natural lighting for a lifelike appearance
"At Hilton Funeral Supply, we are dedicated to supporting funeral homes and directors in their mission to provide meaningful and dignified services," added Tom Patten, "With the introduction of the LED cosmetic lightbulbs to our product line, we continue to innovate and uphold our commitment to excellence in funeral service essentials."

Funeral directors and professionals can now enhance their offerings with the LED Red Neck Lightbulb, providing families with the assurance that their loved ones are honored with the best cosmetic lighting available.

To purchase and learn more, visit: https://www.hiltonfuneralsupply.com/led-red-neck-lightbulb.

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