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Remembering A Loved One With Personalized Keepsakes

Remembering A Loved One With Personalized Keepsakes

There is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of a beloved family member. Often, we find it hard to say goodbye or to live in a home without their presence. That is where a cherished keepsake can help to ease the pain. The right item can give us something physical to literally hold on to when we need to express our love and feel closer to those that have departed this world. That is why we provide a range of products as part of our funeral supplies. Together we can create beautiful items that help to spark memories and offer comfort.

Urn Keepsakes.

One of the most traditional ways to create a keepsake as part of our funeral services is an urn. Urns are a great way to keep a family member’s remains safe. You can make the urn as ornate or as simple as you want with different materials. If a ceramic urn seems too fancy or fragile then a wooden box might be a better choice. You can even add photographs. An alternative option for those that want to share cremains amongst family members is to keep a small portion in a miniature urn. We have a lot of attractive designs to choose from.

Keepsake jewelry.

Keepsake jewelry is a personal touch to the heart.  It can be the keepsake that is with a person every hour of every day.  Whether it is a pendant or a bracelet, the enduring memory is priceless.

Keepsake candles.

Candle lighting may have been a part of the service offered for your family. Lighting a candle in a place of worship is deeply symbolic. Keepsake candles offer families the opportunity to create this tradition at home. If families want to light a candle for a deceased relative at home then there is no better way than with a personalized candle. Hilton Funeral Supply offers this additional keepsake. An image, name, and dates of their birth and death can adorn the glass for a customized candle. Candles can be lit at home whenever.

There really are a lot of different ways to continue to remember a relative or friend that has passed on. Our funeral keepsakes can help you find the perfect item.

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