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Making Sense of it All

5 Simple Ideas Successful Funeral Homes use Every Day!

Family surveys consistently report to funeral professionals that they don’t want their service to resemble grandpa’s.  It’s hard to understand this when you still need a place, a casket, kind words, tokens of sympathy as well as someone to direct the whole affair.  Surveys also show that most families still want to memorialize and celebrate their loved ones.  In fact, they are not opposed to a gathering place, something to present their loved one in, words of kindness, flowers, and someone to help guide them.  

Using all 5 senses can give a fresh look at the “perception” of your funeral home.  Small changes can have big impact.

Here are some simple ideas using our 5 senses.

  1. Smell - When you walk into a great restaurant the aroma of food cooking sets the tone.  When you walk into a funeral home and smell a pleasant aroma from a scented candle or a signature fragrance it creates a positive reaction.
  2.  Sight - When you walk into a great hotel you often see updated décor, floral arrangements, and a concierge ready to assist.  A funeral home can offer much of this ambience without the JW Marriott budget.  A creative way to present an uplifting environment is with word art, such as “Celebrations”, “Reflections”, or “Memories”. 
  3.  Sound - Silence for many is not golden.  When you walk into room filled with silence, it may feel awkward and uncomfortable. Music that is slightly upbeat and current isn’t disrespectful, but can be pleasing as well as soothing. 
  4. Touch - When you go to a furniture store you feel the wood, the fabric and the various finishes.  People like to touch things, feel the weight and texture to asses value. Giving families the opportunity to touch and feel memorial keepsakes, cremation urns and funeral stationery emotionally connects the family to their loved one.  
  5.  Taste – Sipping on your favorite hot beverage brings comfort.  Offering coffee, tea, water and or soda is welcoming.  Whether available in the arrangement room, the lounge or the lobby candy and mints are calming.  Just because we are a culture of comfort food doesn’t mean we have to serve a full course meal to show support.

In a world of dulled senses, paying attention to the 5 human senses may seem to make sense!

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