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Hilton Funeral Supply Announces Tech Alliance with FrontRunner Professional

Hilton Funeral Supply Announces Tech Alliance with FrontRunner Professional

Hilton Funeral Supply is excited to announce a new Tech Alliance with FrontRunner Professional. Hilton customers can now print Shared Memories stationery from within FrontRunner’s award-winning software.

Hilton customers using FrontRunner technology will now have access to the Shared Memories stationery that they love, conveniently within FrontRunner’s technology. Rather than using stock Microsoft Word templates to print stationery, users now have access to more features and greater personalization options. FrontRunner’s powerful print engine technology allows Hilton customers to print Shared Memories stationery and keepsake candles on-demand without paying any extra fees. 

“This new partnership is an excellent opportunity for Hilton customers to upgrade their stationery. We’re very excited to work with the Hilton team to help provide their customers with a technology solution that makes their Shared Memories stationery more meaningful to the families being served. Convenience is one of the pillars our company was built on. We’re proud to offer a solution that will make creating stationery more convenient for our new partner and their customers,” say Jules Green, CEO of FrontRunner Professional.

In addition to integrating Shared Memories stationery with FrontRunner technology, the partnership also includes significant discounts and savings. Hilton customers can now save 50% towards the purchase of any of FrontRunner’s software solutions. This special discount is available exclusively to Hilton customers.

“Hilton Funeral Supply is thrilled about the announcement of its tech alliance with FrontRunner Professional,” said Tom Patten, President, Hilton Funeral Supply. “We have found that innovation works best when companies work hand-in-hand. We are working together to refresh some of our key solutions which include our Shared Memories Personalized Funeral Stationery and Keepsake Candles.”

This new partnership makes it easier than ever for Hilton customers to get started with FrontRunner’s premier solutions. This includes custom website solutions, all-in-one management software, mobile arrangement tools, online quote builder and more. With Covid-19 still disrupting businesses everywhere, FrontRunner has recently released several tools for working remotely with families that are also eligible for the technology discount.

“We have listened to our customers’ requests for tech solutions and we are excited to share this new alliance with FrontRunner Professional. Our goal is to provide more innovative solutions to support the ever-changing demands of funeral service,” adds Jason Weir, Vice President of Hilton Funeral Supply and Licensed Funeral Director.

See the solution in action: https://www.frontrunnerpro.com/hilton

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