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Hilton Funeral Supply Announces Presence at the 2023 NFDA Convention

Hilton Funeral Supply Announces Presence at the 2023 NFDA Convention


Hilton Funeral Supply is excited to announce its presence at the highly anticipated 2023 NFDA International Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, September 10th–13th. The company will showcase its new mobile app designed exclusively for funeral professionals, simplifying the way they shop for funeral supplies. Our mission is to simplify the way funeral professionals shop for essential supplies while reaffirming our commitment to excellence through our partnerships with leading industry brands.

Embracing Technological Advancements 

Hilton Funeral Supply understands the importance of adapting to the changing landscape of funeral services. The introduction of their mobile app aims to streamline the procurement process for funeral professionals, offering a convenient and efficient way to browse and purchase funeral supplies. With this app, funeral professionals can access an extensive catalog of products, place orders, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and offerings.

The mobile app's user-friendly interface and intuitive features allow funeral professionals to make informed purchases while saving valuable time. Hilton Funeral Supply's dedication to incorporating technology into their services demonstrates their commitment to supporting funeral professionals in providing the highest level of care for grieving families.

Unparalleled Product Partnerships

At Hilton Funeral Supply, we take pride in our strategic collaboration with esteemed brands in the funeral industry. Terrybear Urns and Memorials, for example, allows us to offer a diverse range of urns and memorial products that beautifully capture the unique essence of those being honored. But our commitment to excellence doesn't end there.

We are also privileged to be aligned with The Regal Line, enabling us to showcase an extensive collection of funeral stationery, including register books, service folders, acknowledgment cards, and more. Additionally, we offer high-quality products from Final Embrace, that include cot covers, church truck drapes, verso tables, and the new IdentiView product.

These collaborations provide funeral professionals with an exceptional and unrivaled selection of premium products. No matter the unique needs and preferences of the families they serve, Hilton Funeral Supply stands ready to meet them with top-of-the-line solutions. Our commitment to forging strong relationships with industry leaders solidifies our position as a trusted provider of premium funeral supplies.

Anticipating a Landmark Event

As we prepare for the 2023 NFDA Convention, we envision a future of convenience and efficiency for funeral professionals. Our mobile app and the exceptional products from our partners will undoubtedly be a highlight of the event. We are eager to engage with attendees, showcasing the strides we've made in elevating funeral services through cutting-edge technology and premium offerings. Hilton Funeral Supply's announcement of its presence at the 2023 NFDA Convention in Las Vegas heralds a continued era of convenience and efficiency for funeral professionals. Our mobile app and partnerships with Terrybear Urns and Memorials, The Regal Line, and Final Embrace reflect our dedication to innovation and quality. As the convention unfolds, we look forward to celebrating the future of funeral services together with industry peers and forging new connections to shape the industry positively.

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