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4 Ways to Hire Great Funeral Home Employees

4 Ways to Hire Great Funeral Home Employees


Struggling to find good help?  

Help Wanted signs are everywhere. Funeral homes are also struggling to find additional help. We have a few suggestions for finding help at your funeral home.


#1 Use Social Media

LinkedIn can provide connections to people in the funeral industry and can allow you to post open positions or even search for candidates. Facebook professional group pages can be valuable in keeping you up to date on what’s going on. Maintaining a presence on these platforms can create exposure to a younger generation as mortuary school graduates live more and more in the digital age.


#2 Consider Contracting Work

Sometimes funeral directors can contract help from staff at other funeral homes. Contracting removals and embalmers can also relieve pressure on current funeral home staff. The funeral industry requires being on call and working long hours. Having additional help, even if it is contracted help, can alleviate stress and burn out.


#3 Go Back to School

Reaching out to Mortuary schools for the future funeral director is always a good idea. Funeral professionals often work holidays and through the night to serve families in the most difficult time of their lives. That being said, young graduates can be molded and groomed to be great funeral directors. The funeral profession requires people with a passion to serve others.


#4 Network with Churches

Think about the connection you have with the various churches you serve.  Many congregations may have early retired workers that are looking to fill some time while making a little extra income. These parishioners are perfect for visitations as they know many in the community. Often, they become very loyal cheerleaders for your funeral home. These workers are also familiar with many doctors and medical locations that prove to be useful for running death certificates. 

Whether it's searching across the country with social media or searching down the street, finding good help can be tricky but can be accomplished.  

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