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Funeral Prayer Cards Relevant?

Are Funeral Prayer Cards Relevant?

Did you know about the growth of the Catholic church in the south?  “Losing our religion” doesn’t apply to all faiths as many Catholic parishes in the southeast are finding an uptick in attendance.  With an increasing Hispanic population and a retiring Catholic generation migrating south from the predominantly Catholic Northeast, the Bible Belt is taking on a new look.  Whether Irish families are devoted to St. Patrick or Hispanic families cherish Our Lady of Guadalupe, it’s important for funeral homes to understand the importance of funeral prayer cards and their meaning.  The history of prayer cards being used as funeral keepsakes likely traces back the Netherlands as early the 1700s.

Non-traditional prayer cards are becoming popular among Protestant denominations and modern catholic families. Contemporary themes such as Patriotic or Nature motifs can provide a great keepsake for families you serve!

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