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A King in a Crib

A King in a Crib

NOT Easy, NOT Wanted…NOT Welcomed….BUT NEEDED

Who needs a king?  

More than 2000 years ago Herod was the king and he certainly did not welcome the notion that a baby had been born that would be the king.  Life as a pregnant, unmarried teenager was not easy for Mary, but she knew this served a greater purpose.  As Jesus grew into a young man and began preaching and telling “stories”, the scholars and leaders did not want his presence or to hear what he had to say…But He was needed!

Who needs a funeral?  

Today many people do not welcome having to plan a funeral.  Funerals can be difficult to attend. Often times, funerals are not wanted; my mom would say “I don’t want a big funeral, just put me in the ground and be done with it”.  Funerals and the services provided by funeral professionals are needed at the moment when it is needed most.  It is all part of the grieving process and a way to celebrate the life of a loved one.  The gift of connecting with family and friends at funerals can take an otherwise sad time, making it more meaningful, better…. and even needed.

Merry Christmas and thank you for the important work you provide the communities of our great country. 

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