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Don’t you wish there was a manual or a set of instructions to operate your funeral home during these “uncertain times”?  Me too.  Hilton Funeral Supply works with and listens to funeral professionals daily trying to figure out what normal is and what it looks like.  COVID-19 regardless of where it came from, who’s responsible, or what political party is at fault, it has affected us all in ways that seem unreal, like a dream…more like a nightmare!  As we all adjust to figure out the new normal, here are some ideas funeral professionals have passed along that we thought may be helpful.

  1. Offer a memorial stationery package to take home for a later use.  Often the obituary states “due to the current COVID-19, a memorial will be held at a later date”.  Not only is it an opportunity to sell a family a memorial stationery package, you can inform families that the funeral home is available to personalize and print the items at no charge.  Creating and offering videos can also be included.  This is not only valuable to families but will give opportunity for your funeral home to further participate in the memorial service.  Having families come back to the funeral home to complete this valuable service can remind them of the importance of the services funeral homes provide.
  2. A common comment from funeral professionals is that families won’t come back or don’t need us for these future memorials.  Sending families home with a detailed menu of options the funeral home can provide for future gatherings may be appealing.  What’s on the menu?  Besides onsite personnel for general guidance and direction, you can offer photo-boards, easels, floral stands, chairs, parking assistance, catering options and so much more! 
  3. Personalized keepsake candles like memorial stationery packages can be very meaningful.  Funeral homes can offer to print and send these keepsakes to family’s loved ones.  Including a printed memorial folder or prayer card can also be a nice touch.
  4. Masks are here to stay.  Whether providing masks at the funeral home for visitations, funeral services or for future memorials will most likely be a long-lasting trend. Helping families with masks shows care and concern for their safety as well as funeral home personnel.

Hilton Funeral Supply is always happy to help with new ideas and concepts to assist today’s funeral professionals.  Thinking outside of the box when it comes to staying connected with the “modern family” has become increasingly important. 

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