Tom and Jason review highlights of the Hilton Funeral Supply 2020 Catalog

Jason: The first item I'd like to point out is our personalized register books, the rectangle frame or the window frame register book. You can use our Shared Memories print program to print the insides or our new tech alliance with FrontRunner Professional.

Tom: Make sure you check out our Forever Moments line. It's a complete line of register books, thank you cards, service folders, prayer cards and box sets.

Jason: 15 exclusive designs to choose from. The Timeless Memories has been one that's been very popular.

Tom: Another thing to check out is our prayer cards. We have a complete line of traditional prayer cards as well as non-traditional prayer cards. Fresh themes for every family.

Jason: Our keepsake candles, our memorial candles are perfect for every family. Over a hundred themes to choose from. You can create the candles in just five easy steps.

Tom: Tote bags, everybody uses tote bags. We have tote bags that are canvas, we have the reusable tote bags and we have the shopper tote bags. That personal effects tote bag, check that out, it is perfect for the overflow that families bring in.

Jason: Also, the remembrance tote is perfect for the temporary cremated remains.

Jason: Under our service supply section, want to point out some of our beautiful crucifixes and crosses. We have a great selection here in the catalog, but our full selection is available on our website, so make sure you visit that today.

Tom: Processional items, funeral flags. We've got a great new product, it's a suction cup flag. And all the aluminum vehicles out there as well as other vehicles made of composite, this is a product that just works really well for you.

Jason: Our LED light bar is perfect for leading your procession as well, so make sure you check that out today.

Tom: Church trucks, who doesn't need church trucks? We have them in silver, gold and black. Put the drape around them and they look great.

Jason: As far as our prep room selection, we've expanded our prep room selection from the catalog to our website, so we have a full line of personal protective items on the website. So make sure you stock up as well.

Tom: Make sure you take time to browse our catalog. You'll see a wide variety of funeral supplies. And if there's items that you don't see in our catalog, please reach out to us, we're always happy to research and try to help out.

Jason: If you need a copy of the catalog and haven't received it, visit our website, Under the sample section, you can request your copy today. As well as click on the digital link and you can view the catalog from your computer or mobile device.

Tom: Just know we appreciate you and look forward to connecting with you soon.